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Ruben Jurriën is fashion designer dedicated to make the fashion industry a more inclusive and fun world. 

Ruben has always been inspired by clothing, and loves to play around with it. That practice originated during his childhood. It’s such a pity that as we grow into our adult lives we learn to fit into structures which dampens our playfulness. The older we get, how stronger the line between masculine and feminine is defined. In his designs he breaks that curse. Introducing fun in our functional society. Blurring the lines between what we think fashion should be. As a big boy, he has always felt excluded from the fashion industry. Most brands stop at L, XL if you’re lucky. As a fashion enthousiast that feels as such a smack in the face. That is something the designer doesn’t want anyone to feel. By making his garments either one size fits all, or adjustable to your own size, no one can be excluded from wanting to wear a Ruben Jurriën design. Making it accessible for all who want to join in the wonderful world of fashion. 

Ruben describes his signature as gender free happiness. Very much inspired by little Ruben playing around in his parents’ wardrobe. “I love the oversized silhouette. I play with colour, print, silhouette and semiotics. Giving things a new meaning or use is something I find very powerful in fashion design. My designs are flamboyant yet functional. Contributing to the desire to be extra, yet be able to carry your phone with you.“ Sometimes he sees his work as portable protest signs, designed for the “Rebel in Progress”: people who want to break free from society’s dress code, but don’t yet have the confidence to go completely against the grain. I want fashion to be accessible, and not just an admiration. Yes it’s nice to visually enjoy fashion, but it’s so much more fun to be a part of it.

Graduated 2022: Amsterdam Fashion Instituut (Cum Laude)

Winner Lichting 2022: On the 2nd of September, 2022. Ruben was announced most promising fashion design student of the Netherlands during the annual contest Lichting, on Amsterdam Fashion week. Giving Ruben a starting budget of € 10.000,- and his own show on Amsterdam Fashion Week 2023.

Participant FashionClash Festival 2022: Performer during the OpenMic Night.

Participant Epson Design Awards 2022


FEMBOYANT Is the core brand value. 

It’s the titel of the world Ruben Jurrien’s garments are designed in.

A world where society plays around on the binary, where their the other day more masculine,

more feminine, neither or both. A world where anyone can be flamboyant without anything holding them back.

Where expressing their inner selves is a fun visualisation of inner beauty.


Beeld Team Peter Stigter

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