Rebirth is a Playful yet elegant collection , Inspired by manual experiments, The Renaissance, and the emotions that i’m feeling during this epidemic. The collection is an energetic and modern way of expressing how I perceive society these days. As a modern Rennaissaince. A time of innovation and change, where today’s isolation results into new opportunities. A time that lets us reflect on the past.  A feeling of being distanced from each other but closer then ever. We see the physical and emotional damage we monsters created. But we are more aware of it all and we are ready to make a change.

We are living in the Rebirth.

The Powerful Collection by Ruben Jurriën is more than awesome clothes. It's a wake up call for society. People have the rights to love and be loved. A lot of people don't get that opportunity due to the world they live in. We need to raise awareness and show the world that we as humans are powerful and that no matter sexual orientation, religion or anything, we are humans and we will fall in love. Love is our resistance.



We in the Netherlands are so open-minded and supportive to the LGBTQ+ community, but to what extend do we really accept one another? As a homosexual living in the Netherlands, you can not donate blood if you had sex in the past 4 months. If you are a heterosexual this rule does not apply to you. So how accepting are we really? This collection is inspired by that fact. By wearing a shirt from the "Hom O-Positive" collection you show your support for the LGBTQ+ Community, and raise awareness for this problem,